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You won't even know I was there~
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Blue (Written File)
Blue (Written File)
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Name: Blue
Age: 20
Birthdate: June 1
Zodiac: Gemini
Trainer Class: Trainer; Evolver
Pokemon: Jiggly (Wigglytuff), Blasty (Blastoise), Ditty (Ditto), Clefy (Cleffable), Nidory (Nidoqueen), Snubby (Granbull)
Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto
Relatives: Unnamed mother, unnamed father
Bio: Blue was born and raised in Pallet town by her parents, until the age of five, when she was kidnapped by Ho-oh and raised as one of the six masked children. This is where she met Silver. All the masked children were taught many complicated survival tricks and each child was taught a tactic of Pokemon; her technique being Pokemon Evolution.
Escaping three years later, Blue stayed with Silver for two years before heading over to Pallet Town. When she heard about Red and Green getting their Pokemon and becoming Pokedex holders, Blue became jealous and stole her own Pokemon and Pokedex.
When she first met the boys she was jealous of, Blue was quite the trouble-maker, using both boys to her advantage. At first she didn't truly care much for either, but soon it was revealed that she did really care for them deep down.
In the Pokemon League, Blue lost against a mysterious trainer who used only bird Pokemon, such as Spearow and Pidgey. That mysterious trainer was soon revealed to be Professor Oak, who confronted her about the theft. She apologized for stealing and soon after that had officially become the third Pokedex holder.
When she first met the boys she was jealous of, Blue was quite the trouble-maker, using both boys to her advantage. At first she didn't truly care much for either, but soon it was revealed that she did really care for them deep down. It was revealed that she was the one who sent Yellow to find the missing Red, but some believe her true intention was to find whether the Elite 4 were the culprits of her kidnapping.
In FRLG, Blue met her parents for the first time in 11 years. This inspired Silver to find out his true origins. When Green talked to Silver about family and what Giovanni had just done for him - put his own self at risk of death for him - when Silver's seen near Giovanni, Blue is seen crying nearby for him. After that, Sird turned her, along with Red, Yellow, Green and Silver, to stone with a beam intended for Deoxys.
Others: She still has a slight fear of birds, but it isn't obvious now. She's still a quick-witted, cunning girl, and still a little bit of a thief. She isn't as much as she used to be, though. Although she's known as the Evolver, she refrained from evolving her Pokemon due to being able to use their unevolved cuteness to con others. If Blue had to be related to a Pokemon, it'd most likely be a Meowth, a little thieving Pokemon that talks a lot and takes a liking to shiny objects. Blue is used to not eating much. She can also seem to 'teleport' even though she in all honesty is merely using Ditty and an Abra. Speaking of Ditty, Blue can look like anybody she wants to, and is able to trick even Silver with that tactic. She's a sneaky little thing... be careful, you may lose something if you come close to her!

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Other account: :iconladies-man-gold:

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YellowCab-816 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Happy birthday, Blue-chan~! ^^
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(( Nice account you have here. ewe ))
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WHY YOU LIED FOR ME .... ??????
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Hi Blue! It's Scarlet! :D (Note: Scarlet is Red's sis ftwdk) How are you? -awkward-
AskTheEvolverBlue Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Hey, Twinnie~~!
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"A-Ah, hello Blue!"

((Here. Lemme dump the third Yellow on you.))
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bariyukai Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
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WitchBernkastel Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
A girl approached Blue. Her footsteps were as silent as the one of a cat. She stared with a unexpressive face, observing the one before her.
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The-Pokemon-Healer Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hi Blue-Chan~~~

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Hey Blue... Hows it been....?
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